What We Do


WHEN is a women's health organisation working to educate and empower all women across Australia to live and age well through exercise and movement.

We use current research as a basis for our education and engage experts from the fields of health and exercise to support our work. WHEN is a health platform created by a team of passionate and dedicated health professionals and individuals in providing ongoing evidence-based intelligent health and exercise information.


WHEN Provides essential health and exercise education for women all over Australia. Our educators and volunteers are committed to travel to different states and cities and some of our countries most remote areas to offer hands-on support and health care. Our workshops are a vital part of recovery for many of these vulnerable women that simply do not have access or very minimal access due to many different socio-economical circumstances, violence, age or they simply live in rural communities. Without your donations, we would not be able to reach out to them and help their quality of life.

Your donation goes a long way.

In 2018 Peta gave a talk to teenage girls in local Tasmanian colleges about the importance of understanding their bodies, how to look after their body during playing sport as well as understanding the importance the pelvic floor and how to keep it healthy.

“The response from secondary schools has been incredible, young girls today want to be informed about how to keep their bodies strong, and I believe that this is an essential part of their own physical and psychological development. Educating girls while they’re young has a profound impact on their perception of how they use and grow into their bodies. I aim to disrupt the uncredited and sometimes dangerous information on the internet that seems to be frivolous and unauthentic. The more we educate young women, the more empowered they become in making intelligent choices.”

In 2019 Founders Peta and Marco aim to provide another 5 educators across Australia, with your donation we can make this goal a reality, better still we can create a generation of strong, healthy and empowered women.