Peta Titter - WHEN

Peta Titter - WHEN

Peta Titter
Founder & Senior Educator

Education and Career

Peta commenced her nursing training at Deakin University in 1991, prior to which she had finished 2 years of a degree in physical education through Victoria University. She started out her nursing career working as an Alcohol and Drug Educator and Nurse Educator in HIV/AIDS & STDs, then moving on to work at both Fairfield and the Alfred Hospital in the acute infectious diseases ward, which at that time specialised in HIV/AIDS.

 In 1998, Peta moved to the United Kingdom and continued her nursing career, working a variety of hospitals throughout London between 1998- 2007. Her area of specialty was both adult and paediatric intensive care, including hyperbaric nursing. She went on to work as a flight nurse repatriation co-ordinator, performing intensive care flight retrievals throughout Europe and Asia.

During her nursing career, Peta volunteered on 4 occasion, 3 times travelling to Mozambique once to Jamaica as a member of the Chain of Hope Medical Team. The team performed cardiac surgery on underprivileged children, each trip lasting three weeks.


Peta first discovered Pilates when she lived in the UK. When she moved to the Netherlands, she was privileged to have Jelena Petrovic as her instructor at Smart Body Pilates Studio, the leading contemporary studio in the Netherlands. When she returned to Australia, she completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates with the National Pilates Training Centre. She continued to work as a nurse during this period at the Royal Children’s Hospital, going on to complete her Advanced Diploma of the Pilates Method via the Pilates International Training Centre.

Peta also trained as a Continence Nurse Advisor and went on to complete her Pelvic Floor Manual Examination at the University of Tasmania, returning later to study a Bachelor of Health Science with Honours in perception of exercise and pregnancy.


Peta is currently the President of the Continence Foundation of Tasmania.

Her clinical Pilates skillset includes health promotion and education, as well as:

• Antenatal Pilates

• Postnatal Pilates

• Continence and pelvic floor Pilates

• Diastasis recti recovery

• Women’s reproductive health and general wellbeing

• Physiology and anatomy in childbearing.

Peta is the founder and educator for the Women’s Health Education Network (WHEN: WHEN’s goal is to educate, enable and empower women to make informed choices about their health and movement by providing them with the best available evidence-based information.

Peta is also the founder, owner and principal instructor of Hobart’s first and only health professional-lead Pilates studio, which is now in its tenth year. She focuses on women’s health and preventative health, building strong relationships with health professions locally and interstate.

Peta and Volunteering

Peta has been involved in many educational and volunteering programs. Below are some of her engagements:

-       Educating local primary schools on back injury prevention, 2017, Tasmania

-       Presenting Women’s Health Education Network workshops, 2017, Tasmania

-       Guest lecturing on safe exercise in pregnancy and the post-partum period at the University of Tasmania, teaching first- and second-year midwifery students, 2016 – 2017, Tasmania

-       Teaching pelvic floor education seminars to Probus & Lion Clubs, 2017, Tasmania

-       Volunteering at The Victoria Falls Hospital, Zimbabwe, Africa

Before Peta left Australia, she was the vice-captain of Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club and a member of the Surf Lifesaving Association Board of Examiners.

Peta’s Personal Life

Peta and her husband, Marco, live in Tasmania with their two amazing, strong-willed daughters and a gentle giant of dog, Max. She is passionate about cooking for her family and friends, which contributes to her love of Tasmania, where the local produce is amazing. Her passions include wine, cheese, and travel, and in addition to having lived in the UK and the Netherlands, she has visited many countries across Europe and Africa.