Why Gen Z should hop aboard the Pilates craze


By Zara Pritchard

In recent years, Pilates has become one of the most popular workouts among mothers, and is now a part of many women’s weekly lives. When these women come to fall in love with Pilates, they tend to say “I wish I had known about this earlier”. For me, a teenage girl with pregnancy hopefully in the distant future, I have found Pilates to be a blessing for both mind and body and would not feel myself without it.

I was a competitive dancer for many years and like all dancers I threw myself into positions that the body is not designed to be thrown into, in order to create a pretty picture on stage. This resulted in a bony stress reaction in my lower back and it was my physiotherapist who recommended I take up Pilates. After a few months of regular pilates with a qualified instructor, my aching broken body felt new again.

Over time, I moved away from dance but my love for Pilates only grew stronger. Even once I felt better I went to the studio every week and grew so curious about Pilates that I ventured to get qualified as an instructor. In learning about Pilates, I met people who were as passionate about it as I was and others who were less interested in the details but just loved how Pilates made them feel. However, it was no doubt that for all of them Pilates was never going to stop being a part of their lives.

Today, we have so many ways to workout and get our bodies moving that we are really spoilt for choice. For me, I see Pilates as invaluable time invested in my body in order for it to perform outside the studio pain free, whether that be in the gym, in a spin class or even just sitting at a desk all day studying. Without the weekly reset and re-centring of my body I get through Pilates, I know I would quickly feel out of kilter.

For anyone my age if there’s one new hobby you must add to your list, it’s Pilates. I can guarantee there’s no other exercise like Pilates, and your body will reap the benefits from it for years to come. You’re never too young to start to invest in the longevity of your body. Maybe that stress reaction was a blessing in disguise, but unlike me don’t wait until you’re broken.

Marco van der Heide